Computer Forensics Toronto

Digital Wyzdom Inc is a leading specialized and independent security consulting firm, providing network security, computer forensics, E-discovery, intellectual property, and fraud advisory services to organizations and legal counsel across Canada and Europe.

Digital Wyzdom has a large team of professional security and forensic consultants, with a presence in various cities across Canada, USA and Europe.

Computer Forensics Toronto
Computer Forensics Toronto
Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is a fascinating discipline, it owes to the growth of information technology in our personal and professional lives However it needs to be noted our constant dependency on electronic data services are too pricey, giving rise to the ingeniousness of criminal minds. Eventually, as culprits take these technological advancements for their subterranean approaches, the good guys distressed to core have to make groundbreaking approaches for righting those cyber wrongs. Detectives or investigators at Digital Wyzdom use the recovery of discarded computer based information along with electronic data examination to put forth high-end crucial evidence for many cases. From womanizing senior managers whose mobile devices enigmatically start sending self-incriminating messages to their spouses to dissatisfied employees who manipulate company files, to sneaky firms who try their hands to grab another firm's information or sabotage their operations are major instances of cyber malice. At Digital Wyzdom specific computer forensics, tools and protocols, security experts help with legal counsel identify, acquire, restore and analyze electronic data for litigation requirements to ensure their work withstands scrutiny in all jurisdictions.

Computer Forensics Toronto

Technical advancements at workplace environment have characterized digital activities of employees and given them the aces to all kinds of sensitive patented information, making it easy for them to manipulate and transfer data on mass storage devices and also tamper on electronic files. Never has been the necessity for computer forensics increased so much to deal with workplace related legal matters. This in turn gave arise to a specific practice of Workplace Investigation, that part of Digital Forensics which focuses on the unique challenges and sensitiveness of workplace investigations. These basically comprise of multi-jurisdictional labor laws, collective agreements and privacy regulations respectively. The investigation process goes by the tasks of consulting with client and legal counsel, gathering documentary and IT evidences, quantifying damage or loss, preparing report to justify termination or any disciplinary action, conducting surveillance, tracing missing assets and liaising with insurance companies. Such investigations are very common in various areas on fraud like insider trading, bribery, secret commissions, inventory, data and intellectual property theft, sexual or workplace harassment, wrongful dismissal, e-discovery, Anton Pillar options of litigation, IT forensics for recovery of erased data or email or any analysis, asset tracing and recovery, background investigation and forensic accounting.

Client Cases

September 2012
A Canadian national retail chain noticed something odd was going on, when someone contacted them about new shipping information. In the purchasing department, the regular contact person was not answering the phone for several weeks running. Later, it turned out that the employee left on a 2-week vacation, which is why management started asking questions. >> Read More
August 2012
How do you inflict purposeful, public damage at a financial institution to destroy their reputation? Hide behind technology, of course. Technology is the friend of malfeasance. >> Read More
April 2012
A manufacturing company was experiencing some suspicious activity on its network that finally culminated in a distributed denial of service (DDoS). Translation? They could not access their own computer network. >> Read More
March 2012
Check your network security. It's not so good,? stated the short, terse, anonymous email received by a software development firm, warning about possible network intrusions. >> Read More

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