evidence Recovery Toronto


Information Security has become a key concern for organizations today.   The private and public sector have become increasingly vulnerable to the fast growth of workplace interconnectivity.

Many organizations in our industry are providing weak or extremely complicated solutions to the problem. Established best practices are difficult to implement, as they are vague and broad in concept. Technology solutions also offer no real answers and provide no substantial guarantee of security. As a result the real threats that companies and government agencies face are not being addressed in a meaningful way.

This is the reason Digital Wyzdom was founded. Digital Wyzdom aims to provide consulting services to organizations focusing on their specific security needs. Digital Wyzdom offers solutions maximizing efficiency and providing the best ROI, while achieving a substantial level of security.

Most security professionals realize that many of the existing security processes used and much of the security technology available today is either inappropriate to their situation or excessive in relation to the risk faced.

Digital Wyzdom is operated by a group of certified security professionals with numerous years of experience on both sides of the security industry. We have worked for security technology and consulting firms as well as for organizations requiring a determination of appropriate security posture and solutions, for specific business processes, to ensure a safe and efficient operation.

We are thus uniquely positioned to provide consulting as well as hands-on implementation services with a focus on preventing or reducing unnecessary investment in technology and people, while maximizing security for the organization.