computer forensics

Client Cases

December 2010 Cyber attackers were trying to extort $200,000 from a Canadian energy company.
November 2010 Some people are motivated to commit crime when times are hard; other people, like Wall Street's notorious fictional hero Gordon Gekko, are motivated by greed.
October 2010 Over a 30-day period, one of Canada's leading technology companies started losing a number of multi-million dollar contracts.
September 2010 At a large financial institution, a file was being sent around by e-mail with a legitimate-looking project name as an attachment. However, It was in fact a spoofed e-mail.
August 2010 A major financial institution and wealth management company BlackBerrys were hacked
July 2010 A hedge fund with assets of more than $2 billion called Digital Wyzdom in July for forensic assistance.
June 2010 Stalkers and spurned boyfriends are the stuff of Hollywood movies.
May 2010 Banking today is all about information technology and the reliability and security of networks;
April 2010 Digital Wyzdom was retained by a hospital to provide forensic evidence for a potential wrongful dismissal suit, likely to be brought forward by a former hospital employee.
March 2010 Digital Wyzdom Inc. was awarded an e-Discovery project involving fraud and theft of intellectual property (IP) between two large North American manufacturing organizations.
February 2010 Digital Wyzdom's Daniel Tobok (President) will speak at the Osgoode Professional Development seminar on Injunctions: the Practical Guide to Law, Procedure and Strategy. The conference will be held April 19, 2010.
January 2010 Digital Wyzdom is pleased to announce that it has been engaged by one of the worlds largest mining organizations to investigate allegation of internal corporate fraud, against a former group of employees.