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Network Security Assessments

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As new online threats and attack techniques emerge on a daily basis, traditional security controls are no longer sufficient to protect your network and data. Security has become a moving target as companies are exposed to new risks – both internally and externally

At Digital Wyzdom, we understand that with today’s complex network environments and limited resources, it can be difficult and costly to evaluate and leverage new security measures to protect your business

Digital Wyzdom brings together the right solution – one which combines the power of people, processes and technology. Together with our clients, we help design, develop, manage and implement highly reliable, multi-tier solutions that extend security teams.

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By finding the right solution for you, your team can:

  • Focus on core business issues
  • Meet your compliance requirements and avoid potential penalties
  • Increase its security posture
  • Reduce your risks in today’s ever-changing networked landscape.



Our results speak volumes. Our medium, enterprise and government customers alike consistently commend us for delivering:

  • Reassurance – worry-free service with detailed analysis provides enhanced risk management of your data
  • Reliability – reduced downtime with guaranteed security performance
  • Stability – remotely delivered monitoring and scanning allows you to identify vulnerabilities, prioritize solutions and ensure regulatory compliance.



  • Network Security assessments
    –“Real life” examination of full network and access controls to test exposure to vulnerabilities of internal systems
  • External Penetration Test
    – A non-intrusive external attack simulation where systems are fully probed for vulnerabilities and unauthorized access
  • Internal Security Assessments
    – This Internal security assessment is designed to identify all internal security vulnerabilities that could be employed for internal attacks
  • Policy and Procedures Review
    – Comprehensive review of written IT security policies and procedures
  • Social Engineering Vulnerability Analysis
    – Thorough testing of access controls and procedures using social engineering exploits