evidence Recovery


evidence Recovery

Internal threats comprise the greatest risk facing many organizations today. Internal corporate LAN/WAN environments are structured to allow users greater amounts of access with fewer security controls. As layers of security between a would-be attacker and sensitive data are removed the risk of compromise greatly increases.

This Internal security assessment is designed to identify all internal security vulnerabilities that could be employed for internal attacks. In conjunction with an extensive “manual” testing and analysis of the network architecture and topology, Digital Wyzdom uses automated tools that comply with the highest industry standards for the discovery of internal network vulnerabilities.


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evidence Recovery

The assessment covers:

Operational Controls and Procedures / Help Desk

This involves observing the escalation procedures for handling emergency events, including the roles and responsibilities of each support group. Recommendations for improving the operational controls and Help Desk procedures will be included.

System and Network Management

This involves the review of policies, procedures, and related documentation (e.g., reports, Service Level Agreements) for system administration and network management.

Configuration Management

This involves a focus on how system changes are performed. Digital Wyzdom will also review policies and procedures used to manage configurations and make system changes.

Backup/Recovery/Disaster Recovery

This assessment concentrates on backup and recovery procedures, along with escalation procedures to be used in the event of an emergency. Digital Wyzdom will also perform a high level review of the organizations Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Remote Access/Back Doors Security

This assessment is designed to identify all insecure/unauthorized modems and unauthorized internal web server’s installation. Firewalls, operating system security, and the latest patches can all be bypassed with a simple insecure modem installation. Unauthorized internal web servers, improperly configured or with a default installation, could be used as computer virus concentrators. It is critical to discover them before a worm or virus does, or they may become the Achilles heel of your security defenses.

At the conclusion of the evaluation, Digital Wyzdom will issue an extensive report on the above areas along with recommendations for improving the existing controls and a comparison of the business risk to the level of controls that have been implemented.