computer forensics Toronto


computer forensics Toronto

In today’s highly regulated business environment, knowing the background of potential customers, employees, partners and others is essential and, in certain cases, mandated by law.


Digital Wyzdom has the capability of providing timely and accurate information on individuals and corporations in any country in the world.


In North America, we have access to a vast array of public, private and commercial databases that allow us to provide our clients with an overview of the litigation history, past business activities and overall business reputation of individuals or corporations.


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computer forensics Toronto


Overseas, we make use of “on the ground” contacts in foreign countries who have the necessary local knowledge and experience to provide relevant intelligence; intelligence that is a necessity if you wish to make enlightened business decisions.


At Digital Wyzdom we use information gathering techniques similar to those currently in use by military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. These techniques typically employ Internet data mining strategies and information from commercial databases as a framework from which to develop human information sources.